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Ruth 27

Dec 6, 07

Ruth 4:13-21. Boaz marries Ruth, who has progressed from lowly foreigner to servant to wife. Although she was previously barren, God gave her conception. Ruth gives birth to the redeemer—Obed, and Naomi's bitter emptiness is filled with joy. The women of Bethlehem's prayer that Naomi will find new hope and security for her future is evidenced in the concluding genealogy. In the providence of God, the faithfulness of Naomi, Ruth, and Boaz is rewarded; God has turned cursing into blessing. End of series.

Ruth 26

Nov 29, 07

Ruth 4:9-12; Boaz reviews the transaction, acquiring the rights of the go’el,  in the presence of the witnesses; the reasons for his actions; public reaction to the court proceedings; blessing of the public reveals their acceptance of Ruth and notes the Levirate responsibility; continuity of Scripture; a new name for Ruth; God has plan for our lives –He can take what is insignificant and make it remarkably significant

Ruth 25

Nov 15, 07

Ruth 4:1-8; heritage of a name in OT; 1 Sam 24:21; two issues-the property and the Levirate responsibility, legal and moral;  by linking the two Ruth demonstrates her commitment expressed in 1:16-17; symbolism of giving the sandal; Gen 13:17; Palomi Almoni relinquishes both his right to Elimelech’s land and the Levirate responsibility to Boaz

Ruth 24

Nov 8, 07

Ruth 4:1-4; the duties and responsibilities of the kinsmen redeemer; the gate, the place of official business;  disposition of Elimelech’s land;  redeem=accept responsibility

Ruth 23

Nov 1, 07

Ruth 3:16-4:4; empty handedness of Naomi; Boaz recognizes Naomi’s initiative and authorization of Ruth’s proposal; the function of hesed; Boaz not the closest go’el or kinsmen redeemer and so abides by the ML; Boaz springs into action; in seeking a kinsmen redeemer to provide an heir for Elimelech, Ruth demonstrates her commitment to the God of Israel.

Ruth 22

Oct 25, 07

Ruth 3:11-15; Boaz’ response to Ruth’s request and reassurance to her indicates that he has already thought through this situation  and will abide by the civil jurisprudence of the ML

Ruth 21

Oct 18, 07

Ruth 3:1-10; Ruth’s bold proposal to Boaz, a kinsmen redeemer,  shows that she now no longer views herself as a foreigner but as capable of moving up to a higher station in Jewish society, a wife; Boaz’s response praises Ruth for her loyal love and willingness to follow the ML an legally find an heir and shows he has already thought through this situation.

Ruth 20

Oct 11, 07

Ruth 3:1-5; the end of the harvest season and Naomi decides to secure the future of her daughter-in-law by launching a bold plan and having her approach Boaz, a man of character in whom she trusts to do the right thing; laying aside her widow’s mourning garments, Ruth follows Naomi’s instructions exactly.

Ruth 19

Oct 4. 07

Ruth 2: 19:23; change of Naomi’s thinking; the role of redeemer in Israel’s family law; Lev 25:23-30; 47-55; Num 5:8; 35:13, 19-27; Job 19:23; review Levirate marriage; Ruth’s continued commitment

Ruth 18

Sep 27, 07

Ruth 2:14-20;  Boaz protects Ruth from normal human resentment; Ruth not distracted by the extraordinary treatment she receives but continues to work; Naomi’s astonishment

Ruth 17

Sep 20, 07

Ruth 2:13-14; character of Ruth and Boaz; the actions and intentions of Boaz; principles of courtship; Eph 5:22

Ruth 16

Sep 13, 07

Ruth 1:1- 2:14; Review; character of Ruth and Boaz

Ruth 15

May 17, 07

Ruth 2:10-13; In providing for Ruth’s welfare, Boaz elevates her position in his field; Ruth expects nothing, deserves nothing, and ends up receiving everything from the Lord

Ruth 14

May 10, 07

Ruth 2:5-10; Boaz’s godly character revealed, his provision for Ruth ; Ruth’s character revealed, her recognition of her status and expression of gratitude; 1 Pet 5:5-7

Ruth 13

May 3, 07

Ruth 2:1-4; a review of Naomi’s urging the Moabitesses to return in light of the Levirate marriage doctrine; Ruth 1:11-16;  ‘coincidences’ guided by God; the spiritual weight of Boaz’s greeting

Ruth 12

Apr 26, 07

Ruth 2:1-2; answers to questions in the doctrine of the Levirate marriage; no violation of the ML; Deut 5:8; 17:17;  ritual of the sandal; Ruth’s grace orientation; “gleaning”; Lev 19:9-10; 23:22; Deut 24:19-22; Ps 41:4

Ruth 11

Apr 19. 07

Ruth 2:1; Boaz’s credentials;  a man of substance and wealthy in character too; resting in the promises of God; Nah 1:7; Pro 3:5-6; Deut 31:6; doctrine of the Levirate marriage; Gen 38:8--pre-Mosaic Law; Deut 25:5-10 provision in the Mosaic Law; symbolism of the sandal; Lev 18:6; 20:21; Doctrine of the Levirate Marriage (document)

Ruth 10

Apr 12, 07

Ruth 1:18-22; Naomi’s return causes Bethlehem to ‘hum’ with excitement, but she responds with more bitterness, blaming the All Sufficient Sovereign One for her problems and ignoring Ruth; Gen 17:11; 49:25; God brings Naomi and Ruth back to he Land at precisely the right time; 1 Thess 5:16-18;   Ruth is brought forward; Doctrine of Bitterness (document

Ruth 09

Apr 5, 07

Ruth 1:15-18; Naomi commands  Ruth to return “to her people and her gods” 4 times; Ruth begins to make a change, but in her self- absorption Naomi does not see it; Hebrew poetry; 4-fold commitment of Ruth; Naomi stunned to silence instead of rejoicing

Ruth 08

Mar 29, 07

Ruth 1:11-14; Ruth’s clinging to Naomi indicative of her strong mental commitment; Gen 2:24; doctrine of bitterness

Ruth 07

Mar 15, 07

Ruth 1:10-14: Naomi’s rejection of the Lord manifest in her decisions after the death of Elimelech; meaning of “return to your mother’s house”; Gen 24:28, 67; Song 3:4; 8:2; the core of Naomi’s feelings revealed-bitterness toward God

Ruth 06

Mar 8, 07

Ruth 1:6-9; Naomi’s frustrations; how the Lord “visits; Gen 21:1; 50:24; 1 Sam 2:21; avoiding divine discipline or testing; Life does not deal us a tough hand, rather its is the Lord’s hand in our lives ; Naomi’s use of hesed, loyal love

Ruth 05

Mar 1, 07

Ruth1: 1-6; interpreting the decision to move to Moab in light of Israel’s general disposition toward Moab; Gen 19:30-38; Num 22:1-24:25; 25:1-9; 31:18; Judg 3:15-30; Naomi’s decision to return  to the Land

Ruth 04

Feb 22, 07

Ruth 1:6; evaluating the marriages to the Moabitesses; Judg 21:2023; Gen 24:67; Deut 7:1-5, 14-15; Neh 13:1-2; 1 Kgs 11:1-3, 9-12; adversity in life  is designed to mature us spiritually; Jas 1:2; 10:10; 1 Cor 10:13

Ruth 03

Feb 15, 07

Ruth 1:1-5;  the sojourn to Moab turns to dwelling; names of the family members; death of husband and sons results in abandonment of Naomi; bad decisions confront us with bad options

Ruth 02

Feb 8, 07

Introduction to Ruth and background contd.; Josh 24:14; Gen 19:30-38; Ruth 1:1-5; the stage is set—there is famine in the Land

Ruth 01

Feb 01, 07

Introduction to Ruth; background; Lev 26:1-19; Deut 7:1-8; 28:23-24; Judg 2:1-4; 17:6; 21:25 (diagram)