2017 Chafer Theological Seminar Conference

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CTS Conference 4 Mar 26, 17

The Formation of the Canon of Scripture; its Authority & Canonicity. W/God as its ultimate Author, canonicity was conferred through the Scripture itself by means of verbal, plenary inspiration. The history of the recognition of the OT canon/Hebrew Tanak, both by Israel and the Church. The periods of circulation, separation, and completion for the NT Canon and criteria for acceptance.

CTS Conference 3 Mar 26, 17

Questions Addressed: 1) Who was L.S. Chafer? 2) What does John's warning mean at the end of Rev 22? 3) How did we get our Bible? And what is Canonicity? The Authority of Scripture explained.  Conference Slides 3 & 4.

CTS Conference 2 Mar 19, 17

CTS report and the "Local Church Seminary" teaching model. Is the Bible authoritative in areas not pertaining to faith & practice? Misleading definitions of inerrancy & infallibility. The study of inheritance cont. (from James series, less. 31): the faithful bel will receive or possess the inheritance.

CTS Conference 1 Mar 19, 17

False doctrine is aggressive against the Truth; we as bels must be on guard. The doctrine of inerrancy teaches that b/c the original autographs were breathed out by God they are w/o error, making them our authoritative guide in every area of life. Revelation, inspiration, authority, canonicity, interpretation, and sufficiency also discussed.  CTS Conference Slides 1 & 2.


Pastor Inghram attends the annual Pre-Trib conference held by the Pre-Trib Research Center.

Papers presented at the 2012 Pre-Trib Study Group Conference can be downloaded at the links below:
 Gary Gilley - The Spiritual Formation Movement
 Ed Hindson - Morality Turned Upside Down: Biblical Examples of Apostasy in the Book of Judges
 Ken Hornock - Christian Mysticism within Evangelicalism
 T.A. McMahon - Psychology in the Church
 Thomas Ice - What Does the New Testament Teach About End-Time Apostasy?
 Warren Smith - Overview of Global Spirituality’s Influence in the Evangelical Church
 William Watson - Concepts of a Pretribulation Rapture and Great Tribulation in Seventeenth and Eighteenth Century England