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Zechariah 47

Feb 7, 18

Summary review of Zec chs 1-14. Greatly discouraged following their return to a Judah laid waste, the post-exilic Jews were ministered to by Zechariah who encouraged and comforted them with 8 prophetic visions. Although the nation was rebuked for her disobedience and urged to repent, the Lord promised future restoration and rejoicing in the Millennium when He will reign as King and Priest. Because of their rejection of Him at His first coming, however, the nation would first undergo judgment. In the day of the Lord He will deliver the remnant, destroy Jerusalem's enemies, and purge the world to worship Him. 

Zechariah 46

Jan 31, 18

Zec 14:16-21. During the Millennium both Jew and Gentile alike will celebrate the Feast of Tabernacles (a.k.a. Succoth or Ingathering). Originally celebrated to commemorate the Lord's care of the Israelites during the wilderness years, the feast also has a prophetic aspect. Peter's suggestion to build shelters at the Transfiguration (Mk 9:5) reflects this. Although some nations will fail to keep the feast in the Messianic Kingdom suffering drought, the fear of the Lord will be so pervasive that even common items will be holy, and no longer shall there be an unclean person in the house of the Lord.

Zechariah 45

Jan 17, 18

Zec 14:16. Although there will be a tremendous blow to the earth's populace during the Tribulation, surviving Gentile believers will enter into the Millennial Kingdom. These remaining "sheep," from the sheep and goat judgment (Mat 25:31ff), will partake in the annual celebration of the Feast of Tabernacles (Lev 23:33ff) to worship the King, the LJC. At the end of the Tribulation the Jews will have been regathered from the four corners of the earth (Is 11:11; Ezk 36:16).

Zechariah 44

Jan 10, 18

God's Protection and Provision for His People: Zec 14:12-15. With the ban lifted from Israel (at the end of the Armageddon Campaign), the Lord will turn the tables on the enemy and unleash His fury. He will severely strike both man and beast with a debilitating plague, and cause panic and mass intramural confusion. Judah's forces will attack the Gentile armies in Jerusalem and take their plunder.

Zechariah 43

Jan 3, 18

Zec 14:8-11. Zechariah encourages his listeners with a description of the Millennium. Representing God's refreshment, living waters will flow from Jerusalem providing year-round fertility. The Messiah's reign will extend beyond Israel to cover all the earth, and He alone will be worshipped. The surrounding land will be leveled but Jerusalem elevated, and no longer under the ban (doomed to destruction).

Zechariah 42

Dec 27, 17

Zec 14:5-7. At the Lord's return He will bewilder the enemy with supernatural darkness, revealing He is master over nature. Cosmic upheaval and dark days of judgment will precede His coming which will be accompanied by angels and Church Age believers. The Resurrections: a look at passages that piece together when believers and unbelievers across different dispensations will be resurrected.

Zechariah 41

Dec 20, 17

Zec 14:1-2 reviewed: in the future day of the LORD, Jerusalem will be captured and plundered by Gentile armies of the Antichrist, but God will protect and preserve the faithful remnant. 14:3-5. Not unlike the Exodus generation trapped by the Red Sea, the LORD will create a supernatural escape (valley at Mt. of Olives) for the remnant. The LORD is a warrior and He will turn their defeat into a glorious victory.  PowerPoint slides

Zechariah 40

Nov 29, 17

"In the Land" controversy (Zec 13:8). Are the two-thirds and one-third referring to Jews within Judah or the entire world, and how does this relate to the timing of the regathering? Parable of the virgins (Mt 25). Zec 14:1-2 and parallel passages depicting the end of the Tribulation. The Gentile armies, under the leadership of the Antichrist, will destroy Jerusalem. But even during this future time of judgment, God is in control and cares.

Zechariah 39

Nov 15, 17

Zec 13:7-9. Beginning with the death of the Messiah, Zec prophesies discipline for Shepherdless Israel. During the Tribulation there will be persecution from the Antichrist and divine judgment that will kill two-thirds of the Jews. One-third of the believing remnant will call on the Messiah to be delivered. What does "in all the land" mean? Should it be understood as "all the earth"?

Zechariah 38

Nov 8, 17

Zec 13:4-7. Second Advent Prophecy continued. False prophets will be purged from the land prior to the Messianic Kingdom. Operating covertly, they will deny they are prophets but will be unable to conceal their true identity. A non-chronological future detail is then inserted: God the Father will orchestrate events surrounding the Messiah's crucifixion and subsequent scattering of Israel.

Zechariah 37

Nov 1, 17

Zec 12:12-13:3. Jeconiah's curse and the line of the Messiah (Jer 22:24-30). 2nd Advent Prophecy: Cleansing for Israel & Woe on False Prophets. Once the nation has looked on the Messiah with faith, the Lord will open a "fountain" and cleanse her of impurity—a spiritual cleansing using New Covenant language (Jer 31:31-34; Ezk 36:25-27). Idols and false prophets will cease to exist and loyalty to the Lord will be so absolute that even parents will not tolerate a false prophet.

Zechariah 36

Oct 25, 17

Zec 12:10-11. At the end of the Tribulation, the Lord will pour out G/HS on the spiritually faithful, as part of His grace provision to Israel. Consequently they will intensely mourn for Him, the Messiah, whom their ancestors had rejected and pierced. When the nation accepts the Messiah ("look on Me") and calls on Him, then He will return (Matt 23:39).

Zechariah 35

Oct 18, 17

Zec 12:1-9. The Final Siege of Jerusalem at the End Time. Fitting Zec ch 12 into Revelation and Joel. The 8 Stages of the Campaign of Armageddon reviewed. The Lord will defend and protect Jerusalem, give the Jews supernatural success because of their faithfulness to Him, and annihilate the Gentile nations that have come to destroy Israel.

Zechariah 34

Oct 11, 17

Video: Jewish Testimony. Article: "Ban Gas-Powered Cars?" Summary Overview of Zec's 1st & 2nd Oracles: tracing God's eschatological program for Israel to encourage and motivate the returnees. Once the nation acknowledges her Messiah, there will be physical and spiritual deliverance. Zec 12:1-3. Armageddon Campaign: driven by hatred, the nations will rally against Jerusalem, but to their own demise.

Zechariah 33

Sep 27, 17

Acts 17:1-10. Background to the church at Thessalonica. 1 & 2 Thess: rapture, 2nd Coming, and exhortation passages. 2 Thess 2:1-12. Study of the Antichrist: When the Church is raptured G/HS, who currently restrains evil, will be removed and the Antichrist revealed. The lawless one, acting as a pseudo Messiah, will be empowered by Satan and deceive unbelievers, exalting himself above God. At the His return, the LJC will destroy him.

Zechariah 32

Sep 20, 17

Zec 11:15-17. After rejecting the True Shepherd, Israel will accept a foolish shepherd (the Antichrist) who, instead of defending the flock, will destroy it. This worthless shepherd will be judged and rendered powerless. Study of the Antichrist—the future world ruler of the Tribulation who will make a treaty with Israel, appearing as a Messianic figure.

Zechariah 31

Sep 13, 17

Zec 11:12-14. A. Fruchtenbaum's perspective on Jeremiah's Curse on Israel & the Valley of Hinnom (Jer 19:1-11). Zec breaks the 2nd staff indicating that because of their rejection of the Messiah, the nation would not experience reunification at that time. Report on WallBuilder's Spiritual Heritage Tour & Congressional Pastor's Briefing.

Zechariah 30

Sep 6, 17

Zec 11:12-13. After Israel ascribed a paltry sum to the Messiah, the Lord commanded the silver be thrown into the house of the Lord to the potter. The nation has rejected Him; He in turn rejects their payment. They were like a broken vessel to be thrown into the refuse dump. After Judas betrayed the Lord, he threw the 30 shekels of silver into the temple. But why does Matthew attribute the prophecy to Jeremiah?

Zechariah 29

Aug 30, 17

Article about the flooding caused by Hurricane Harvey. Zec 11:10-12. Zec breaks the staff, called Beauty, which signified the Lord revoking His covenant of protection over Israel. When asking for His wages, the nation evaluates the True Shepherd as no greater than that of a gored slave; the relationship has been severed because of Israel's unfaithfulness.

Zechariah 28

Aug 23, 17

Zec 11:7-9. Role playing as the True Shepherd, Zec uses two staffs to represent God's favor to Israel and their continual unity as a people. After the nation's rejection of the Messiah in the 1st c. AD, the Lord would destroy those in leadership. Famine, military defeat, and cannibalism would also result. PragerU Vid: "Who Does a $15 Minimum Wage Help?"

Zechariah 27

Aug 16, 17

Zec 11:1-6. If Zec ch.10 promises the blessings of the Messianic Kingdom, when does the announcement of judgment in Zec 11 occur? Because the Jews rejected their true Shepherd, the nation was designated for slaughter in 70 AD. God would withhold His pity and not deliver them from the Romans or other Gentile nations.

Zechariah 26

Aug 9, 17

Hiroshima & Nagasaki remembered. Zec 10:6-12. God promises to regather Israel for the Messianic Kingdom. Because of the nation's obedience, the Lord will deliver them, and cause the land to be prosperous and the people numerous. Like the Exodus from Egypt, He will provide for Israel and remove all obstacles. The Lord is their vigor.

Zechariah 25

Jul 26, 17

Zec 10:6-7. 5th Promise: The Lord promises to regather Israel. Is this historical or eschatological? End times and Daniel's 70th week reviewed. As a redeemed nation, Israel will be mighty in warfare and the Lord will deliver them from the attack of the Antichrist. The land will become prosperous when they return to obedience.

Zechariah 24

Jul 19, 17

Zec 10:1-5. Review of the 3rd & 4th Promises: provision & purification. During the battles of the Tribulation the Messiah will rescue Israel and empower the nation to be victorious over her enemies. The 8 Stages of the Campaign of Armageddon delineated.  PowerPoint slides

Zechariah 23

Jul 12, 17

Outline of chs. 9-14—Zec's Two Burdens: The Future of Israel. Zec 9:10-17; the 1st & 2nd promises reviewed—the Lord will preserve and protect Israel in the end time. 10:1-5; the 3rd & 4th promises—provision and purification for Israel in the millennium. God, not idols, will send rain.

Zechariah 22

Jun 29, 17

Anniversary of 1787 Constitutional Convention. Zec 9:9-17. The telescopic prophecy of vv. 9-10, contrasting 1st & 2nd Advents. Zec's use of pronouns and the Godhead's involvement in human history. Israel's end time eschatology described, including millennial blessings and the Lord's deliverance.

Zechariah 21

Jun 21, 17

Zec 9:1-9. In Zec's 1st oracle, he tells of the punishment that will come upon the nations surrounding Israel in ~200 years. In the millennium the Philistines will be transformed, and the Lord will return to His house. The future Messiah's arrival is announced which is fulfilled in the Triumphal Entry.

Zechariah 20

Jun 14, 17

Zec 8:18-23/4th Msg of Rejoicing. The four fasts and what they commemorated. At the Lord's 2nd Advent the fasts will be turned into joyful feasts, and the Gentiles will participate with the Jews in worship. 9:1-8; divine judgment on nations who opposed Israel, fulfilled in Alexander the Great.

Zechariah 19

Jun 7, 17

Zec 8:1-17/Msg of Restoration cont. The character of God administered punishment for Israel's former disobedience; but in Zec's day, He was ready to bless the nation—if they returned to faithfulness. The Lord reminds them of His requirements including truth, justice, and love.

Zechariah 18

May 31, 17

Article on the "tranimal" professor. Zec 8:1-13/Msg. of Restoration con't. Zec moves from a vision of the millennium to an exhortation that the remnant would finish rebuilding the temple. They were not to be fainthearted, but encouraged. The Lord would provide blessings for Israel because of their obedience, and they would be a blessing to Gentile nations.

Zechariah 17

May 24, 17

Zec 7 reviewed. 8:1-9/3rd Msg of Restoration. Passionate for Jerusalem, the Lord promises that He will return & dwell in Zion—a reference to the end times—and will cause a worldwide regathering of His people in belief. This future hope, which is not too difficult for God, was to encourage the Jews in rebuilding the temple.

Zechariah 16

May 17, 17

Armed Forces Day; "Junk" DNA. Review Zec 7:4-7; 1st Msg of Rebuke against disingenuous fasting rituals. 7:8-14; 2nd Msg of Repentance. God demanded true righteousness & covenant faithfulness, not merely outward religion. The land was desolate because of Israel's recalcitrance. Until there was obedience, God would not pour out His blessings upon the nation.

Zechariah 15

May 10, 17

Zec 7:1-10. Review of historical setting (cf. Ezra). Zec answers the delegation about their self-imposed fasting: 1st & 2nd Msgs. Dishonest as the pre-exilic Jews, Zec rebukes them for their empty ritual. They need to devote themselves to that which God requires, including adjudicating justice & showing mercy.

Zechariah 14

May 3, 17

PragerU vid: Global Warming. Horses and the Branch of Zec 6 elaborated. Historical setting: Samaritan resistance to bldg the temple & Persian kings of the time. Zec 7:1-7. A Jewish delegation inquires if fasting is to be continued— something for which was ritual w/o reality—an attitude similar to the pre-exilic state of the nation.

Zechariah 13

Apr 26, 17

Article: "Environmentalists are Dead Wrong." Zec 6:1-8. 8th & Final Vision: The Four Chariots. At the end days, God will dispatch chariots to administer judgment on the nations that have oppressed Israel. 6:9-15. Zec is instructed to crown Joshua the High Priest, symbolizing the future crowning of the Messiah who will be both King & Priest. This Branch will build the millennial temple.

Zechariah 12

Apr 19, 17

Zec 5:5-11. 7th Vision. The Woman in the Basket: Judgment of Wickedness at the End Time. Representing mercantile greed, idolatry, and other forms of evil, the woman is captured into the basket and transported back to its origin—Babylon, where it will be destroyed and the land of Israel purged.

Zechariah 11

Apr 12, 17

PragerU Vid on Socialism. Zec 5:1-4; The 6th Vision. The Flying Scroll depicts the Lord's promise to purge sin in the end days. The thief & perjurer stand for both parts of the 10 C's, representing Israel's covenantal responsibility before God, and their disobedience to the law. God's judgment will bring to ruin all human efforts at preservation & success apart from Him.

Zechariah 10

Apr 5, 17

PragerU vid—Ty Cobb. What 7th Day Adventists Believe. Zec 4:1-14. 5th Vision: The Lampstand & The Two Olive Trees. Piggybacking onto the 4th Vis. w/Joshua the HP, focus shifts to Zerubbabel who will complete temple building by GHS's enablement. The two branches represent the two anointing functions in Israel of priest & king which will be united in the future Messiah.

Zechariah 9

Mar 29, 17

Zec 3:6-10. Significance of the 4th Vision. Following Joshua's cleansing for reinstatement as high priest, the Lord exhorts him to faithful obedience. J & fellow priests represent the restored priestly nation and the future High Priest, known as "My Servant the Branch" & the Stone. The Lord will remove the iniquity of Israel and bring in prosperity & security.

Zechariah 8

Mar 22, 17

Zec 3:1-5. 4th Vision: The Cleansing of Joshua the High Priest. Representing the nation Israel, Joshua is accused by Satan for sin. God would deliver the nation and rescue it as a brand from the fire. J's soiled garments are replaced w/clean robes, representing the imputed +R of Christ. Israel is made ritually pure, able to worship God. Doctrine of Imputation: real vs. judicial.

Zechariah 7

Mar 8, 17

Ezek sees the glory of the Lord departing, followed by its yet future return. Zec 2:6-13—Summation of the previous 3 Visions. The LORD issues an end-time command for the dispersed Jews to return to Jerusalem; the Son will then destroy the nations that have oppressed Israel. In the Millennium the Gentile nations who have trusted in the Lord will be joined to the Messiah and worship at Jerusalem.

Zechariah 6

Mar 1, 17

Zec 1:18-2:5—Visions 2 & 3. Zec sees the 4 horns that were used to scatter Judah (Gentile empires of Dan 2), followed by 4 craftsmen that will cast out those nations that oppressed Judah. Overview of Zec's 8 Visions culminating in the MsKngdm. Surveyor w/His Measuring Line: population growth & divine protection promised for future, restored Jerusalem.

Zechariah 5

Feb 22, 17

Film preview: "Is Genesis History?" Zec 1:12-17. The Son intercedes to the Father for His compassion, as Jerusalem & surrounding cities lay in ruins following the 70 yr exile. Zec is to comfort the people: the LORD remains passionate for Jerusalem and promises a 7-fold future blessing.

Zechariah 4

Feb 15, 17

Zec: God's Encouragement & Comfort to Israel. 1:1-11. On Feb. 15, 519 BC Zec saw 8 night visions describing God's future plan for Israel. #1) The Rider on a Red-Horse among the Myrtle Trees (1:7-17). The LORD (God the F) has sent angelic riders to reconnoiter the earth; they report back to the Angel of the LORD (Pre-incarnate LJC/man on red horse), that there is peace. Purposes of riders on colored horses in Re 6:1-8. God uses angels to administer blessing or discipline to mankind. Re 2:1, 8, 12, 18; 3:1, 7, 14—angels (not pastors) serving as messengers to the 7 churches.

Zechariah 3

Feb 8, 17

Zec 1:1-6. Hist. review. Zec opens w/a call to repentance, but there is encouragement b/c the Lord has not discarded Israel. Anthropopathism/morphism reviewed—God does not get angry; He adjudicates justice according to His +R. The Jews had been disobedient, rejecting His words & killing His messengers (2 Ch 36:15f), but the Lord still loves them, and calls them to return. To turn from the Lord is to break the covenant (2 Ki 17:30), and to return is to repent/renew the cov. (Dt 30:2). Posing two rhetorical questions, Zec warns against delay & doubt. Unlike their forefathers, they need to respond w/obedience, and know God's words will surely overtake them.

Zechariah 2

Feb 1, 17

Intro to Zec cont. Hag 1:1; Zec 1:1. In order to incite the despondent Jewish returnees into resuming temple construction, prophets Hag & Zec begin ministering in 520 BC—Hag w/sharp rebuke & Zec w/comfort. God remembers Israel: He will triumph over her enemies & the coming Messiah will est. His glorious kingdom (including millennial temple worship). Exhorted, and encouraged thru eschatology, work was completed on the temple in 515 BC. In addition to His 2nd Advent, Zec prophesied that Israel would reject Christ during His 1st Advent.

Zechariah 1

Jan 25, 17

Ezra ;Background to Zechariah. The historical placement of OT books & memory devices for their order. Zec, a contemporary of Hag & Ezr (Ezr 5:1), was a post-exilic, minor prophet born in Babylon. He returned to Jerusalem (536 BC) after Cyrus' decree was issued. In order to encourage the Jews, whose progress in rebuilding the temple was halted, Zec provided encouragement thru future visions. His ministry (520 BC) provided hope thru apocalyptic imagery & messianic prediction.   Zechariah Intro PowerPoint Slides