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 Josh 5:13-15. God used Israel as His instrument for holy war—that is, the setting apart of the idolatrous and immoral societies for destruction. While reconnoitering Jericho, Joshua encounters the Commander of the army of the LORD. Jesus Christ, the LORD of Hosts, has arrived, for this is not a battle against flesh and blood but against the demonic (Dt 18:9ff; 1 Cor 10:20). As Moses was (Ex 3:5), so Joshua is commanded to remove his sandals.


Oct 17, 06

Josh 5:11-12. After faithfully providing manna for forty years and training the Israelites to trust in Him, God changed their diet to the produce of the Canaanites; eventually the Israelites would themselves harvest the promised land. New every morning, manna displayed the love, compassion, and provision of Lamentations 3:23. Referred to as "angels' food from heaven," manna was given to satisfy Israel to the full (Ps 78:25); in like manner, God's provision is sufficient in our lives (2 Pet 1:3).


Oct 10, 06

The importance of confession of sins and breaking carnality (Ps 66:18; 1 Cor 3:1-3). The irrational Ex-Gen, not grounded on a foundation of spiritual truth, was on an emotional rollercoaster. In Ex 12:1-13 the LORD established the Passover; years later, just prior to the Cross, He changed it, shifting focus from deliverance of slavery in Egypt to deliverance from the slave market of sin. For the first time since Num 9:2, the children of Israel, now circumcised, were able to observe the Passover (Josh 5:10).


Oct 3, 06

The Reproach of Egypt: Josh 5:8-9. After the Jewish males were circumcised, the Lord declared His rolling away the reproach of Egypt. What was this reproach? In the minds of the Ex-Gen, it wasn't the promised land that was paradise, but a return to Egypt (Num 11:5). Instead of trusting in the Lord's faithfulness, the Israelites complained that God's intention was to kill them in the wilderness (Ex 16:3; Num 14:2). For forty years, they wished for what they didn't have and to have relief from what they did have.


Sep, 26, 06

Josh 5:7. Why did the LORD choose circumcision as the sign of the Abrahamic Covenant (Gen 17:2-11)? As God's representatives to the world, Israel was to be a set apart nation (Dt 7:6). Circumcised Jewish males would have a daily physical reminder of the covenant and their need to be spiritually distinct, including being forbidden to intermarry (7:3). Class ends with a Q&A session.


Sep 19, 06

Josh 4:23-5:7. Having miraculously crossed the Jordan into the land of Canaan, the Next Gen. is then commanded to be circumcised. Why incapacitate the military now? Back in the days of rebellion at Kadesh Barnea (Num 14:26-34), the Israelites had rejected the Abrahamic Covenant (Gen 17:11), which promised the land, and thus would bear the mark of spiritual infidelity: uncircumcision and being kept from the Passover. Now in the land under Joshua, the Next Gen. is able to return to these rituals (Josh 5:3).


Sep 12, 06

Introduction and Josh 1:1-4:22. Joshua continues where Deuteronomy ends, passing the baton of leadership. Through conquest and division, the book records the historical fulfillment of God's promise to give Israel the land of Canaan. After Joshua is encouraged by the Lord and commanded to lead the Israelites across the Jordan, a team of spies encounter Rahab who informs them that the Canaanites were terrified of them. With the ark of the covenant leading, God parts the flooded Jordan and commands memorial stones to be erected.