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Job 6

Jan 15, 20

Job 4:1-5:27. In ch. 4, Eliphaz rebukes Job (4:1-6), reasons about his suffering (v. 7-11), and reports a vision (v. 12-21). In ch. 5, Eliphaz continues his lament (5:1-7), advising Job to appeal to God (v. 8-16) to cease His disciplinary action (v. 17-27). Unlike Eliphaz, we should encourage, not criticize, fellow believers.

Job 5

Jan 8, 20

Job 3:1-26. In ch. 3, God uses poetry to describe Job’s despair. In response to his extreme circumstances, Job wishes he’d never been born (v. 1-10), had died at birth (v. 11-19), or would die now (v. 20-26). We must remember that our existence is to glorify God, even during times of misery.

Job 4

Dec 18, 19

Remarks on President McKinley cont. Job 1:13-22, 2:1-13. At the conclusion of ch. 1, Job loses his children and property to Satan's attacks. Will Job remain faithful to God? In ch. 2, we learn more about Satan as he addresses God and launches his second attack on Job (Job 2:1-7). We're then introduced to Job's wife (v. 9-10) and friends (v. 11-13). Lesson concludes with study bible reading of, "Satan, the Accuser."

Job 3

Dec 4, 19

Remarks on President William McKinley. Job 1:1-12. Additional background information reviewed. Study of verses 6-12, including the angelic sons of God (v. 6, 2:1, 5:1, 38:7; Ps 103:20, 104:4, 89:6; Dan 7:10), Satan's interaction with God, and his attacks on the human race (1 Pet 5:8, Jn 12:31) and Job.

Job 2

Nov 20, 19

Introduction continued with commentary readings. Review of chapter outline and theological themes, such as the problem of the righteous sufferer, the sovereignty and omnipotence of God, the facets of sin and suffering, and the supernatural conflict between God and Satan. Study of Job 1:1-5 (Gen 10:23).

Job 1

Nov 13, 19

Job 1:1. Introduction to Job (Job 42:16-17, 1 Cor 3:19). Includes readings from the Nelson Study Bible, Bible Knowledge Commentary, New English Translation Bible, and Acts & Facts.