Isaiah Series

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Isaiah 20

May 8,14


Isaiah 19

May 1,14


Isaiah 18

Apr 24,14


Isaiah 17

Apr 10,14


Isaiah 16

Apr 3,14


Isaiah 15

Mar 20,14


Isaiah 14

Mar 6, 14


Isaiah 13

Feb 27,14


Isaiah 12

Feb 20,14


Isaiah 11

Feb 6,14


Isaiah 10



Isaiah 9

Nov 14, 13


Isaiah 8

Nov 7, 13


Isaiah 7

Oct 31, 13

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Isaiah 6

Oct 24, 13

Structural breakdown of the book’s two main sections followed by a brief review of Isaiah chs. 1-12 (alternating warning of discipline and promise of comfort) and overview of chs. 13-24. Is the prophecy of destruction against the nations (14:22-23:18) historical or eschatological? The four different ways of viewing prophecy: preterism, historicism, futurism, and idealism.

Isaiah 5

Oct 10, 13

Isaiah 9:1-12:6. After giving warning that the Northern Kingdom will fall to the Assyrians, Isaiah enlightens the darkness with a description of the coming Messiah. Focus then returns to the N.K.’s impending divine discipline. Because they did not turn back to the Lord, His hand of punishment would not turn from them. The arrogant Assyrians, God's instrument of destruction, would themselves be destroyed. Advancing far into the future, chs. 11-12 prophecies of the Messiah, the kingdom, and the rejoicing remnant.

Isaiah 4

Oct 3, 13

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Isaiah 3

Sep 26, 13

Isaiah chs. 5-6. Likened to a vineyard that God affectionately cared for, the nation Israel was expected to bear good grapes but instead brought forth wild. Isaiah pronounces a series of woes for Israel's rebellion, predicting her prosperity would be turned to wasteland, captivity, and death. The Lord would "whistle" for the foreign nations—His instruments of impending discipline. In ch. 6, Isaiah has a vision of the Lord sitting on a throne and is commissioned to be prophet.

Isaiah 2

Sep 19, 13

Isa 2:1-4:6. Isaiah 2 begins with a glimpse into the millennial kingdom and then shifts to the day of the Lord, when God will execute judgment on the earth. The prophet returns to the present (ch. 3) and details the divine discipline that unfaithful Judah is soon to experience. The leaders were indicted for destroying the people and plundering the poor. The women’s beauty, both seductive and haughty, would be replaced by mourning. Despite Israel's impending desolation, Isaiah assures the nation that a future time of cleansing and restoration will come (ch. 4).

Isaiah 1

Sep 12, 13

Introduction to Isaiah: Covering the reigns of four of Judah's kings, Isaiah's ministry extended from ~731-681 BC. He urged the nation, undergoing political struggle and spiritual decline, to trust in God, not foreign powers. Although divine judgement awaited because of the nation's unfaithfulness, God also assured the people of His future coming kingdom. Isa 1:1-31 begins the Lord's lawsuit against sinful, stubborn Judah. Even their sacrifices were an abomination and their iniquity as evil as Sodom and Gomorrah's.