1 Samuel

1 Sam 46

May 21, 09

1 Sam 30:8-31:13; God’s grace for the faithful believer; David’s deliverance from the Amalekites; death of Saul and his sons; biblical view of euthanasia and suicide; Philistine victory over Israel at Mt. Gilboa

1 Sam 45

May 14, 09

1 Sam 29:1-30:8; Philistine campaign against Israel; David rejected by the princes sent back to Ziklag, the Amalekites, grace of God abounds for those who love Him

1 Sam 44

May 7, 09

1 Sam 28; Israel, mediums and sorcery; Ex 22:18; Lev 19:31; 20:27; Deut 18:9-14; Saul seeks the guidance from the Lord through a medium; seeking advice on our own terms; consequences of sin and disobedience

1 Sam 43

Apr 30, 09

1 Sam 27:1-28:112; a change in David’s focus, from God to Saul; keeping up the façade; wrong motivation; the undercover Christian life

1 Sam 42

Apr 23, 09

1 Sam 26; David tested by advice and keeps his focus on the Lord; discernment between human viewpoint and divine viewpoint; respecting the position and authority of the king; Saul’s emotional response and instability

1 Sam 41

Apr 16, 09

1 Sam 25:33-26:5; bringing God’s plan into focus; acknowledging the Lord’s vindication; motives of David’s marriage to Abigail; God continues to train David to be king

1 Sam 40

Apr 9, 09

1 Sam 25: 14-32; Abigail, a woman who thought biblically and acted decisively while remaining submissive to her husband and retaining her femininity; God’s design for the woman as the helper to her husband; God shapes events for His story.

1 Sam 39

Apr 2, 09

1 Sam 25; Saul’s continuing instability; the death of Samuel prompts David’s move to the wilderness; Nabol and Abigail; maturity testing from God; David’s wrong response to a wrong.

1 Sam 38

Mar 26, 09

1 Sam 24: David realizes that he must continue to recognize Saul as his master and the anointed one by God; he trains his men in respect for authority; Saul overcome with emotion again with David’s declaration of intent

1 Sam 37

Mar 19, 09

1 Sam 23; David has learned to inquires of the LORD; he assumes kingly responsibilities without being king, and refuses to fight other Israelites; Jonathan, loyal to a fault

1 Sam 36

Mar 5, 09

1 Sam 22; Mizpah refuge and return to Israel; Saul prejudges Ahimelech; the honor of Ahimelech; Saul’s paranoia promotes conspiracy delusions; Doeg annihilates the priesthood of Nob, their families and livestock; Davis assumes responsibility for Saul’s murder of the priesthood; protecting your soul 

1 Sam 35

Feb 26, 09

1 Sam 21:10-22:1; David’s struggle in his spiritual life; fear is contagious; Ps 34, 56; more leadership training for David

1 Sam 34

Feb 19, 09

1 Sam 21: 1-9; ethical decisions regarding disobeying divinely appointed authority; a change in David’s thinking; unintended consequences of David’s lies

1 Sam 33

Feb 12, 09

1 Sam 20; Saul decreases, David increases; recognizing the instability of those in prolonged carnality; the character of Jonathan, David unlike other ancient kings; ethical conflicts for Jonathan; friendship cemented in the Lord

1 Sam 32

Feb 5, 09

1 Sam 19:17-24; guarding the truth; ethical considerations; Saul’s 7th attempt on David’s life; examples of prophesying with song; music preexisted the creation of the earth; Job 38:4-7; Saul’s shameful behavior

1 Sam 31

Jan 29, 09

1 Sam 19:10-17; David’s marriage to Michal was political, not for love, and a failure; David is the spiritual standard in the OT― he failed, he confessed, and he moved on; God’s plan for our lives is greater than our failures; Michal fears for own life before Saul

1 Sam 30

Jan 22, 09

1 Sam 19; Jonathan defies Saul; ethical dilemmas in Scripture; the problem with situational ethics; Saul’s mental illness is a result of his nurturing sin in his life and continuing to make bad decisions

1 Sam 29

Dec 18, 08

1 Sam 18; from wisdom and insight comes success; Jonathan’s recognition of David; Saul’s preoccupation with David, attempts to kill him; humility of David; David, not born a king, but grows in obedience

1 Sam 28

Nov 27, 08

1 Sam 17:38-57; Saul’s preoccupation with the inconsequential; a professional soldier’s view of the confrontation between David and Goliath; David’s confidence in God and His promises; Goliath is no problem for the God of Creation

1 Sam 27

Nov 20, 08

1 Sam 17:31-40; God supports us wherever He places us; discouragement testing from authority; David knows God is his deliverance; human viewpoint testing;  David rejects syncretism; out tests are tailored by God for us; fear testing

1 Sam 26

Nov 13, 08

1 Sam 17:12-30; preparation for testing in life; 1 Cor 10:1-13; David’s attentiveness to God in his life prepared him for the challenges he would face in the Valley of Elah; the arrogance and pettiness of self-righteous Eliab

1 Sam 25

Nov 6, 08

1 Sam 17:1-11; David and Goliath; who were the Philistines? Gen 10: 6; Ex 13:7; Amos 9:7; who were the giants? Gen 14:5; Deut 1:28, 2:9-12; 3:11; Josh 11:21-22, 15: 13; 2 Sam 21:15-22

1 Sam 24

Oct 30, 08

1 Sam 16:14-23; believer's protection against demon possession is relationship with God; demon influence of Saul amplified the already manifested trends of his sin nature. panic, anxiety, anger, and violence; music therapy treated the physical, emotional aspects of Saul's problem, but only God and His Word can treat the soul; God places David with Saul in His timing

1 Sam 23

Oct 23, 08

1 Sam 16:14; distinctions in the ministry of God the Holy Spirit in the OT and NT; because of Saul's extreme disobedience God sends a demon to discipline him and drive him back to obedience

1 Sam 22

Oct 16, 08

1 Sam 16:1-13; stages of cosmic degeneracy; Ps 106:15; greatness of David; what is important is what God sees, not what we see; responding  biblically to the events of life; Samuel anoints David

1 Sam 21

Oct 9, 08

1 Sam 15:15-35; Saul fails to take responsibility for disobedience of the Lord’s plan; annihilation of Amalekites analogous to the necessity of removing cosmic trash in our souls after salvation;  Rom 12:1-2; Heb 12:1-2; 2 Cor 5:17;  Saul chooses honor before people rather than being right with God; tough love and the grace of God

1 Sam 20

Oct 2, 08

1 Sam 15:1-14; Saul’s plan vs. God’s commands; Kennites; Gen 15:19; Num 24:20-21; Exo 3:1;Judg 1:16; Num 10:29; Judg 4:17; the constancy and consistency of God’s character; figures of speech and language of accommodation

1 Sam 19

Sep 25, 08

1 Sam 14:24-15:2; Saul’s leadership blunders, trouble/disaster for Israel; a failure of Jonathan; problem of eating the blood of animals; the Lord’s command to annihilate the Amalekites; Gen 36:12; Ex 17:8-14; Num 13:29; 14:45; 24:20; Deut 25:17

1 Sam 18

Sep 18, 08

1 Sam 14:1-23; Saul, not a man of God and not a man of action; Jonathan, a man of God and a man of action, understand the battle is  the Lord’s and demonstrates that he thinks divine viewpoint

1 Sam 17

Sep 11, 08

1 Sam 13; one of Saul’s three failures; assuming  unlawful authority as king and  offering an unauthorized sacrifice; waiting on God, the test of patience and respecting limits of authority; subordination of kings to God through priestly functions

1 Sam 16

May 22, 08

1 Sam 12;  a great day in Israel; important events in Israel’s history; Samuel addresses Israel using a riv(e) format, bringing a legal suit against the nation; God testifies to the peoples wickedness; Samuel’s final challenge to the nation; God will not forsake Israel because of His character; Ex 19:5; Samuel continues to teach and pray even though Israel fails.

1 Sam 15

May 8, 08

1 Sam 11; Israel remains in a state of apostasy; God provides an opportunity for Saul to act at Jabesh Gilead in defending Israel against the Ammonites; Saul sends out a call to arms, importance of draft in national crisis. and attack against part of the nation is a threat to all the nation; the effects of disinformation given to the enemy; transfer of rulership from the prophet to the king; coronation of Saul; Samuel turns national event into at spiritual event with the renewal of the covenant at Gilgal

1 Sam 14

May 1, 08

1 Sam 10:17-27; Saul, a reluctant king and warrior;  when God gives the opportunity He gives the ability to perform the task

1 Sam 13

Apr 24, 08

1 Sam 10:1-16; Saul given signs to affirm Samuel’s prophesy; a study of prophesying with string instruments--a form of praising God

1 Sam 12

Apr 17, 08


1 Sam 11

Apr 10, 08

1 Sam 8; conspiracy among the leadership in Israel; demanding a king, rejecting God and His timing; Samuel warns Israel of the consequences of surrendering their freedom under the theocracy

1 Sam 10

Apr 3, 08

1 Sam 7; Permanent relationship with God/positional sanctification and temporary fellowship with God/progressive sanctification; through Samuels’ ministry over 20 years Israel recognizes its unfaithfulness and participates in national confession and commitment to God at Mizpah; purpose of fasting in the ancient world to provide more time for worship; Philistines humiliated by God at Mizpah so that they and other enemies were not a problem to Israel all the days of Samuel

1 Sam 09

Mar 27, 08

1 Sam 5-6; Philistines recognize the power of the ark of the Lord but do not  change their minds with regard to the Him; Philistines make a holy event out of the defeat of Dagon; testing God; problems with the way Israel approaches the ark of the Lord once it is returned to them results in the death of 50,070; God gets Israel’s attention

1 Sam 08

Mar 20, 08

1 Sam 4; Israel routed by the Philistines; Eli’s dynasty is ended, characterized by the  loss the ark of the covenant to the enemy

1 Sam 07

Mar 6, 08

1 Sam 3:7-21; the Lord reveals to Samuel His judgment on Eli and his descendants for taking lightly their priestly duties ; 1 Sam 14:3;21:1;22:11, 16-23; Eli continues training Samuel; the test of a prophet; Duet 13:1ff; 18:17ff; Samuel, the first authentic prophet in the nation of Israel; the Word, the Lord had returned to Shiloh

1 Sam 06

Feb 28, 08

1 Sam 2:25-3:7; Samuels’ ministry contrasted to Eli’s sons; the Lord calls out to Samuel in the Holy Place; the Lord changes over command in the priesthood; diagram

1 Sam 05

Feb 21, 08

1 Sam 2:1-26; Hannah’s prayer/psalm indicates the change in her soul;  the weakness of Eli, his sons of Belial were his indictment; Samuel’s ministry contrasted even as a young boy

1 Sam 04

Feb 14, 08

1 Sam 1:16-28; vows in the OT; Num 30: 1 ff; Hannah, a picture of Israel;  despite their failure, God’s gracious provision would change Hannah’s life and Israel’s; Samuel would be the point of change

1 Sam 03

Feb 7, 08

1 Sam 1:1:11-14; selfish prayer requests and bargaining with God;  Nazirite vow; Num 6:1-15; God’s plan and praying for miracles; vows in the Bible;  significance of barrenness in the OT; Deut 7:12-14; 28: 4:11; failure of Eli to recognize spiritual problem

1 Sam 02

Jan 31, 08

1 Sam 1:1-10; begins in the dark days of Israel; polygamous marriages in Scripture; barrenness in ancient Israel; ML mandated 3 annual pilgrimages to Jerusalem; how God uses our suffering to shoe His character, purpose , and plan

1 Sam 01

Jan 24, 08

Introduction to I Samuel: background, authorship; title; date of book; historical setting; outlines